In this final episode of MindShift for 2017, Ray Gilford and I finish our discussion we began last week on the subject of biblical inerrancy--the fundamentalist belief that "the Bible is 100% error-free"--inerrant.

In Part 2, Ray opens up about his own personal journey away from church. The idea of biblical absolutism--the teaching that the Bible is all that is necessary for faith and practice--permeates many a conservative evangelical church today. This, in part, has led Ray away from the mainstream church, and on a journey of deconstructing his own faith and belief systems.

Perhaps this describes your own personal journey away from mainstream churches. If so, then you won't want to miss Part 2!

MindShift will return in January 2018 so stay tuned for some outstanding interviews and conversations on a wide variety of topics related to God, the church, and spirituality.

Join me on the journey of deconstruction and discovery!


"Deconstructing Biblical Inerrancy" by Dr Clint Heacock on The Preacher's Forum Blog

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