After last week's conversation with Jared Yates Sexton and his book American Rule, that spurred me to do some more investigation into this issue of th...View Details

Jared Yates Sexton, the co-host of the Muckrake Podcast, is back! This time we are taking a super deep dive into his excellent and thought-provoking b...View Details

This week's episode features an amazing survivor--Maya Ram. She not only survived a traumatic relationship with the Seventh Day Adventist cult, she al...View Details

This bonus episode features a super-informative discussion with Emily Elizabeth Anderson, who herself is a survivor of not only the Bill Gothard/ATI h...View Details

In this week's episode, I finally had a chance to edit this show and get it out there--apologies to Andrew for taking so long! Andrew is on the vangua...View Details

I'm super excited to be promoting this incredible conference, which begins very soon--May 11th through the 16th, 2021. My good friend Janice Selbie is...View Details

In this special bonus episode, I caught up recently with Mikey Weinstein, founder and leader of the MRFF--the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. T...View Details

This week's special bonus episode features an excellent conversation with Lisa and Gerette, two amazing women who started the website.  Bo...View Details

In this conversation with returning guest Dr Terri Daniel, co-host of the "Ask Dr Death" podcast, we get into the subjects of not only the psychology ...View Details

This bonus episode features a discussion with Fred Clarkson: journalist, publisher and author and most importantly for our purposes, Senior Research A...View Details

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