In this special bonus episode, I'm welcoming back returning guest Dr David Madison, who was on the podcast several years ago. Our mutual friend Tim Sl...View Details

This episode features author and activist Ryan Stollar, who grew up in the Christian homeschooling bubble, but has since become a staunch advocate for...View Details

This special bonus episode features returning guest, Dr Warren Throckmorton. Though he identifies as a Christian himself, Dr Throckmorton has long bee...View Details

This week's guest is Daniel Phelps, who grew up in the World Revival Church, now located in Kansas City, MO. A recent investigation by Fox News has sh...View Details

In this special bonus episode, I recently caught up with Kurt Andersen, author of the 2017 book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire--A 500-Year His...View Details

It's finally out! This is an absolutely incredible, informative and educational conversation I had a while back with David Johnson, host of the Skepti...View Details

This week's episode features another super informative--and potentially disturbing--conversation with returning guest, Fred Clarkson of the Political ...View Details

In this special bonus episode, I spoke recently with Dr Audrey Clare Farley, who wrote a fascinating (and quite disturbing) article not long ago explo...View Details

After last week's conversation with Jared Yates Sexton and his book American Rule, that spurred me to do some more investigation into this issue of th...View Details

Jared Yates Sexton, the co-host of the Muckrake Podcast, is back! This time we are taking a super deep dive into his excellent and thought-provoking b...View Details

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