This week's episode is one I've wanted to do a long time--it's based on a section of a book I'm working on about Christian Reconstructionism and the ...View Details

This week's guest features a father-and-daughter combination, Stephen Mather and his daughter Celine, who are co-hosts of the "What Should I Think Abo...View Details

This week's guest is Rachel Hunt, who is an ambassador for the RFR: the Recovering From Religion organization founded by our good friend (and former g...View Details

This week's episode features an alarming conversation with returning guest Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshipers and The Good News Club, a...View Details

This week's returning guest is ex-cult member, now sociologist and cult expert--Dr Janja Lalich, co-author along with fellow cult survivor Kala McLare...View Details

We've got the first bonus episode of 2022! I'm happy to welcome back returning guest, good friend Janice Selbie, to talk about the upcoming CORT2022--...View Details

This week's conversation is a fascinating one with American expat Dr David D'Andre, currently residing in Canada but who's lived in such places as Kie...View Details

This week's episode features returning guest, "Dr Death"--my good friend, Dr Terri Daniel.  

Terri is hosting a conference coming up in July of thi...View Details

This week's guest is Michael, who self-identifies as a recovering religious addict. But what exactly is "religious addiction," and how would you even...View Details

This episode features returning guest, Rebekah Drumsta, author of a brand-new book entitled When Family Hurts: 30 Days to Finding Healing and Clarity....View Details

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